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Half Black Soul Blog Tour

Welcometo my stop on the Half Black Soul Blog Tour. I will be doing a review of the book and there will also be a post from Nelly.

My Review

This book was recommended to me by a few of my Goodreads friends. It was a highly anticipated read for me and I was not disappointed. This book in one word was amazing. I officially have a new kick ass herione and her name is Alexa. She is a great character that can be summed up as fierce,loyal, and protective. I love her take no prisoners attitude and how she loves her sister. I have this type of bond with my sister and its so great to have. Their is such a loyalty and love there that nobody can get in the way of. I have to say the two love interests in this book make it so hard to pick one. I love them both for different reasons. Jackson and Kayden are complete opposites but both are special in their own way.Jackson has that boy next door charm that makes you feel so comfortable and safe with him. There is something to be said for a guy with a Southern drawl. Kayden on the other hand has more of that mysterious aloofness that comes across. He is such a hottie too. I love that they both love Alexa in completely different ways. I have to say I am officially Team Jackson though as I am still getting to know Kayden. I cant wait until Half Black Soul comes out on January 31st. I need to see how the rest of the story continues.

Nelly's Character Post

I slumped down a little in my seat, even though I don’t make a habit of slouching. I couldn’t help it. I was not in the least bit happy at the moment, and I didn’t want to pretend to be. If I wasn’t currently in a classroom surrounded by my peers, I would probably have my thumb stuck in my mouth like a baby. I only sucked my thumb in times of horrible stress, and this certainly qualified as that. Alexa was gone. Just gone. I was sure that as soon as classes let out, and I had time to myself to think, I was going to be crying my eyes out, like I had earlier this morning. Right now, it seemed as though the day was crying for me.
I stared out of the classroom window, watching the rain fall and fall. I was almost glad that the day wasn’t bright and sunny. For one, it matched my mood. For two, my sister hates traveling in the rain, so I kept hoping that maybe she’d be back soon, having changed her mind about whatever had made her leave in the first place.
Yes, this was absolutely a horrible, awful, thumb-sucking day.
To add to that, the thing that had happened earlier with the letter was still freaking me out. When I’d seen Jackson standing in the spot where Alexa and I usually meet up in the morning before school, I knew immediately that something was wrong. I suppose it is one of my “abilities”, but the true feelings of others are never lost to me.
I’m what is called a Searcher, a blood-drinker that has the ability to literally “Search souls”. But my blood is not pure. I am half of another race; I’m half Lamia, which is the reason I can do things other Searchers aren’t able to do. Things that no one should be able to do. Things I don’t always have control of.
The unrest in Jackson’s soul was so thick when I’d seen him this morning that to me it seemed almost palpable. It was so different from the positive, sunny soul I so often glimpsed in him that I couldn’t stop my mind from reaching out. So, from fifty yards away, I’d Searched him. I hadn’t meant to, it just happened. I’d pulled it back as soon as I could manage, but from Jackson’s head I’d known that he had a letter for me; a letter from my sister. And it didn’t hold good news.
When I’d reached him, I could tell that Jackson had no idea of what I’d done. He hadn’t felt my Search; a Search that no one should have been able to accomplish at such a distance. It seemed to me that my abilities were growing stronger and more unpredictable by the day. And what happened next with the letter was further proof of this.
I’d said, “Hey, Jackson.”
He’d smiled that charming smile of his, but I could tell upset hid behind it. There was something else too, a different feeling that I decided not to dig into. Whatever was going on in Jackson’s head was none of my business. And, I’d already invaded his privacy a little by accident.
“Hey, Nelly,” he’d replied.
Then Jackson pulled a piece of paper out of his flannel shirt pocket and handed it to me. I still haven’t opened the letter, I haven’t had to. At the moment, it was sitting in the side pocket of my backpack. I was kind of afraid to touch it again.
When the note from my sister had passed from Jackson’s hand to mine, something that has never happened to me before happened. Something that I had never even known was possible.
I’d Searched the letter.
One moment I had been standing in the center square of the school’s dormitories with Jackson, and the next I was somewhere else completely. It was like I’d been sucked into a mental black hole, my mind ripping out of my skull in the present and being deposited in some other time.
I’d recognized the room immediately. The bed was unmade, the trash bin overflowing, and there were absolutely no “feminine touches” to speak of. I was standing in Alexa’s dorm room.
I couldn’t see Alexa, however, and very sparse light was coming in through the windows. I noticed all of this through peripheral vision, though, because I’d also found that I had no control over my movements. And when I’d looked down at the small, scarred hand that was hastily scribbling on a sheet of paper, I saw that that didn’t belong to me either.
No, the bruised knuckles and unpolished, chewed fingernails weren’t mine. They were Alexa’s. I’d watched as the words were scribbled hastily across the page.
Please don’t be pissed, okay? I’m leaving, and no, I can’t tell you where I’m going or why I’m going because I know you would do something stupid and try to follow me. I just need you to trust me, Nell. I know what I’m doing. More importantly, I need you to be careful for me. I know you think I’m just paranoid, but I also know in my gut that things aren’t right at Two Rivers. I’m not sure what kind of danger I’ve just left you in, but you know I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t have a good reason. So, just be careful, okay? Try to act normal about my being gone. Make up a story or something. And, yes, I know you’re pissed, but I also know you’ll do this for me because you are my sister and you love me. And one more thing, be strong, Nell. You don’t know how strong you are, but I do. I know you can take care of yourself because you are strong. I’m not sure what will happen while I’m gone, but do whatever you must to keep yourself safe… and don’t trust anyone unless you know you can trust them. I’ve got to go, but I love you, Nell. I love you more than life itself.
My world had come tumbling down around me as I read the words. Alexa was gone. I was all alone. It had never really occurred to me before how much I depended on her to be there for me; to take care of me. A life without Alexa, even temporarily, was the worst thing I could imagine.
Some part of me had known she couldn’t hear me. I had just been experiencing a flashback; a memory of the moment the letter had been composed. Alexa was already long gone. But at the time, that hadn’t stopped me from trying to scream at her while I’d watched her fold the note and stuff it in her pocket.
It had been a soundless, throat aching scream. And, it ripped me out of the scene and sent me crashing back down to earth. The first thing I’d seen when I had regained my own vision was a blue and black flannel pattern. Jackson.
He had gripped my arms and shaken me frantically. His face was pulled tight with concern. “Nelly? Nelly, what’s going on? Are you okay?” he’d asked.
I had most absolutely not been okay. I still wasn’t okay. For several long moments, I hadn’t been able to find my voice. Tears had come tumbling, hot and wet, down my cheeks, and the rain that was currently falling heavier and heavier outside of the classroom had begun.
“She’s gone,” I’d said, not recognizing the tone of my own voice. It had been all I could manage. Jackson had caught me and held me tight as I’d fallen forward, sobbing into his arms.
And, now, here I sat; listening to some lecture that couldn’t mean less to me at the moment. Watching the rain fall, wondering where the heck my sister was. And hoping, praying, that she wasn’t getting herself into some kind of horrible trouble.
Problem was, this was Alexa we were talking about here.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did. I really can't wait to learn more about Nelly. I feel like January 31st isn't getting here fast enough.

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