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House of Rising Sun by Kristen Painter Review


Every vampire has heard rumor of the mythical place where their kind can daywalk. But what no vampire knows is that this City of Eternal Night actually exists.And its name is New Orleans.For centuries, the fae have protected the city from vampire infestation. But when the bloodsuckers return, the fragile peace in New Orleans begins to crumble.Carefree playboy Augustine, and Harlow, a woman searching for answers about her absent father, are dragged into the war. The fate of the city rests on them --- and their fae blood that can no longer be denied.Book one in the brand new, action-packed urban fantasy Crescent City series, from award winning, House of Comarre author Kristen Painter!




I have to say that I think my main appeal for this book was the fact that it was set in New Orleans.I love this world and jump at the chance to read anything set in it. We get into this series by meeting Augustine who we learn is just getting back into town after being on the run for something he did in his past. I loved the character of Augustine immediately because he had that whole mysterious side going on with him and  yet I could tell he had a softer side also. Augustine quickly learns that the quiet life he thinks he is easing back into is not about to happen and he will soon have to rethink life as he knows it. I loved seeing the introduction of Harlow and the way that her and Augustine first meet is really unique and different but I have to be honest and state how much she annoyed me as a  character. I had a hard time dealing with the fact the she was so cold to her mother and for the trivial reasons that she gave for it. It made me feel like she was just a spoiled brat.

As the story continues we get to meet the amazing Olivia and I have to say I loved her from the start. She was such  sweet lady and she treated Augustine so well and I loved the bond that they shared. I felt like the poor lady was suffering so badly wanting her daughter to treat her better and acknowledge her. I think this book had tons of secondary characters that all played  a part in the story with me loving Lally and Dulcinea and they were both important people that helped Augustine and Harlow along the way.  There are some events that take place that put Augustine on a path to becoming the Guardian of the city and he takes on a lot of responsibilities and a quest to take down vampires.
I have to say that the author does a good job of world building and she creates a town within the awesome town that is already full of mystery and intrigue and I loved every minute of it. I loved the character of Augustine and the way he stepped up in the city to rid it of evil and make it what it was. He was a force to be reckoned with and took no prisoners. I loved seeing him in action and the slow friendship that is starting to build between him and Harlow will be something to see unfold in the next book. Overall I enjoyed this read and look forward to seeing where the next book will take us.



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