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The Source by J .D. Horn Review

The Source by J .D. Horn ReviewThe Source by J. D. Horn
Series: Witching Savannah #2
Published by Amazon Publishing on 2014-06-03
Genres: Contemporary, Fantasy, Fiction, Occult & Supernatural, Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 352
Source: Publisher

Book Two of the Witching Savannah series Graceful trees and historic buildings fill Savannah, Georgia, but beneath the city's Southern splendor, its supernatural roots run deep. The members of local witch families grace the society pages...when they're not secretly protecting their magical work from dark forces. Savannah resident Mercy Taylor may now be in control of the South's most powerful family of witches, but she's struggling to master her newfound magic. Pregnant with her first child and still reeling from a heartbreaking betrayal, she just wants to be able to use her supernatural abilities without accidentally destroying dishes or blasting the doors off buildings. But when Mercy's long-presumed-dead mother suddenly returns, begging Mercy to keep her presence under wraps, the witch wonders how many secrets her family is hiding...and who she can really trust. And when the danger around her intensifies to deadly levels, Mercy knows she must discover the truth behind her family's magic--before it destroys her. The second book in J.D. Horn's Witching Savannah series, The Source casts a thrilling spell.

I have to say that this book for me was even better than the first one. It was once again set in Savannah of course and this time we get to see these witches are not the nice ones you want to mess around with. This family played no games and when it came to protecting their own there wasn’t anything they weren’t willing to do for each other. We got back into this story with us learning that Mercy is now the new anchor for the line and she is trying to learn how to control and use her powers. Mercy quickly learns that becoming the anchor is the least of her worries and she will soon be up against the biggest threat she may ever face.


I have to say that I think I loved this one more because we really got to see Mercy get more in tune with her powers and become stronger than she thought she could ever be. Mercy also continues to deal with her pregnancy and she learns some new information about her soon to be hubby and that he may not be as human and normal as she thought he was. I loved that Mercy also has a huge surprise in the from of finding out that someone she thought was gone has returned and she learns it may not be for the best. She is left not knowing who she can trust and who may be out to get her but she stayed strong through it all. Mercy learns she that she has a lot to protect at all costs and she quickly learns who her true family may be.


Overall this was an amazing read and I loved seeing the bad side to these witches. They were all powerful in their own way and were not ashamed of who they were at all. I think that is what I loved the most about this book is how they had no problem showing their flaws and weren’t afraid to be who they were. They knew they were Taylors and expected everyone to just deal with it and for the most part people did just that. I think that any lovers of witch tales out there will love and appreciate how different this series is from what’s out there. I highly recommend this one.


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