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Strange & Ever After by Susan Dennard Review

Strange & Ever After by Susan Dennard ReviewStrange and Ever After by Susan Dennard
Series: Something Strange & Deadly #3
Published by Harper Collins on 2014-07-22
Genres: 19th Century, Action & Adventure, General, Historical, Love & Romance, United States, Young Adult
Pages: 400
Source: Publisher

Perfect for fans of Cassandra Clare's The Infernal Devices series, this is the epic conclusion to Susan Dennard's trilogy that started with Something Strange and Deadly and continued with A Darkness Strange and Lovely. With supernatural forces, epic romance, and a mysterious Egyptian city, Eleanor and her team are set for an adventure they will never forget.It has been a tumultuous time for Eleanor Fitt since life as she knew it in Philadelphia came abruptly to an end. While the Spirit-Hunters—Joseph, Jie, and Daniel—have helped her survive her brother's violent death and an invasion of Hungry Dead, Eleanor has lost just about everything.And now, Jie is missing—taken by the evil necromancer Marcus. Eleanor is determined not only to get her back but to finally end this nightmare. But to do so, she must navigate the hot desert streets of nineteenth-century Egypt amid the rising Dead, her unresolved feelings for Daniel, and her volatile relationships with Joseph and Oliver, her demon. And it won't be easy. Because Allison, her friend from Philadelphia, has tagged along, becoming strangely entangled in Eleanor's mission.It will take all of Eleanor's powers of black magic, and all of Daniel's and Joseph's trust, to succeed. But there will be a price. People will have to suffer the consequences of what Marcus has done, and what Eleanor, Oliver, and the Spirit-Hunters will do to stop all this deadly chaos.

I think for this review I am going to change it up a little bit and you guys tell me what you think about it. I am just going to make this more of a quick review and list some of what I loved and then some of what I didn’t. I just want to get my thoughts out because this book left me a little gutted at the end and took my emotions on a roller coaster that left me reeling. In this final  installment of a fantastic series I was left with so many emotions and feels and thoughts on how I wanted this all to end and what I wanted for the characters and the author lived up to most of it. OK so on to what I loved about this book this time around:

  • The characters that I fell in love with from the start continued to have me invested in them and wanting them all to get their happily ever after and I have to say that in the beginning I was thinking it was going to play out that way.
  • The setting was amazing and I enjoyed learning about Egypt through the eyes of the characters and seeing Eleanor and Daniel have a bit of romance along the way.
  • The action was plentiful this time around and we got some much of it that I flew through the book and didn’t even realize it.
  • The author did a great job of tying up everything from the previous books and covering all the loose ends. It made for a really dramatic ending.

OK after listing what I loved about this book let me get to what I didn’t which was the ending. I completely understand why the author ended it that way because Eleanor needed it to become who she finally is which is Miss Fitt. This book from the beginning was all about Eleanor finding out who she was a person and just how strong she could become and by the end of this book she knows just who she is. I loved that she was able to learn more about her abilities and how to control them all. I loved the romance that started between her and Daniel and how he helped her realize her dreams. She finally gets to see them come to life after telling with some serious heartbreak but it was all necessary in the end. Overall this was a truly thrilling conclusion to this series and after  I got over my heartbreak I realized this book ended the way it needed to.


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