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Foretold by Rinda Elliott Review


It is written that three Sisters of Fate have the power to change the world's destiny. But only if they survive…The Lockwood triplets have had the prophecy drummed into their heads since birth. Still, Raven, the eldest of the sisters, can't believe it's really happening. She's the reincarnation of a Norse goddess? One of the sisters is destined to die? When it starts snowing in summer in Florida, the sisters fear the worst has come to pass. Ragnarok, the Norse end of the world, has begun.Raven finds herself the secret protector of Vanir, a boy with two wolves, a knowledge of Norse magic and a sense of destiny he can't quite explain. He's intense, sexy and equally determined to save her when it becomes clear someone is endangering them. Raven doesn't know if getting closer to him will make a difference in the coming battle, but her heart isn't giving her a choice.Ahead of the sisters is the possibility of death at the hand of a warrior, death by snow, death by water or death by fire.Or even from something else…Sisters of FateThe prophecy doesn't lie: one is doomed to die.

I am a huge lover of mythology and this one was one that I wanted to read because it was focusing on Norse mythology. We get to meet three sisters in this book that grew up knowing that they shared their body with Norse goddesses and that due to a prophecy one of them is fated to die at the hands of a warrior. We start of this book by meeting Raven who is the oldest sister and she is trying to get t op her other two sisters because a snow storm has started. The sisters are in a panic because the snow is the start of the beginning signs of the prophecy coming true. Raven gets into an accident and is saved by a boy named Vanir and from there things get interesting. Raven soon learns that boy who helps her may not be who he seems but yet she has such a connection to him that she can’t seem to explain.

As the story continues we learn that Vanir is different and has a set of brothers who are all just as different and yet they are such a close knit family. I liked that Vanir was so willing to help Raven and his brothers were ok with him bringing her into their home and accepted her for who she was. The boys and Raven soon realize their little town is dealing with some serious issues and there may be magic involved. They realize they will have to work together to take down the force that is reeking havoc and they pray they will come out on top. I loved the way the author managed to add in all the back story of the goddesses and gods and made it all seem like what was supposed to happen and how it all was supposed to play out. Raven soon learns that her life may never be the same and the person behind it all is not who she wants to believe it is.


Overall this was a nice read but I think I would have liked it more if I didn’t have the instalove thing between Raven and Vanir thrown in. I felt like even though there was a reason they were supposedly drawn to each other is wasn’t working for me. I was hoping the book would have been more about them just working to deal with the issue at hand and less of the romance. I liked the book enough that I will continue with the series though because I want to see what will happen next. I recommend this one to mythology lovers out there.


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