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Accidentally Dead Again by Dakota Cassidy Audio Review


He was just looking for a night of fun.   After a wild work-sponsored Halloween party, entomologist Sam McLean wakes up with a spotty memory--and a pointy set of fangs. Sam's one-night stand wasn't just dressed as a vampire; she had the bite to match. Somehow, Sam's unconscious body ends up at the OOPS office, where paranormal crisis counselors Nina, Marty and Wanda give him the down-low on accidentally becoming a creature of the night.   What he got was an eternity of trouble.   Dealing with a newbie like Sam is no easy task, but things get even more crazy when Phoebe Reynolds--a woman who claims to be Nina's sister--storms into the office and causes a catfight that ends when Phoebe is accidently bitten by Sam's recently formed fangs. Now, the OOPS girls have two fledgling vamps on their hands, and their powers--and the attraction building between them--are unlike anything they've seen before...

I think this book might just be my favorite out of this whole series. I loved the characters in this one and didn’t think that was possible with how much I already liked the previous characters. We get into this one by meeting Sam who we learn has a one night stand that takes a drastic turn and changes his life forever. Sam of course enlists the help of the OOPs girls and of course plenty of fun is had. Sam is meeting with the girls when another person Phoebe comes in and is accidentally bitten by Sam and learns she is now also a vampire. We also learn that Phoebe is Nina’s sister. I think what I liked about this one the most is that we really got another Nina in this book. I have always said that Nina is my favorite and she finally meets her match this time around. Phoebe  has all of the Nina attitude but she is a classier version of her.

As the story continues we see Sam and Phoebe try to adjust to their new lives and also try to solve a major mystery that could change their lives as they now know it. I loved seeing their interactions and the way that Sam just rolled with the punches and took Phoebe for who she was. The adjustments that Nina and Phoebe had to come to terms with and start to form a relationship was fun to see unfold as both ladies were so stubborn and strong they constantly butted heads. I loved all the back and forth bickering they did though and in the end they forged an awesome relationship. I loved learning about the additional twist to their sisterhood too.


Overall another great listen in this awesome series. The author brings such fun and action to her books and you even get some hot and heavy romance thrown in. I think the main thing that keeps bringing me back to this series is the way that the chracters interact and how tight knit they all are. They really are a true family that looks out for their own. I am interested in listening to the next book and seeing where it takes me. If you haven’t gotten into this series yet you have no idea the fun you are missing out on. I would say be prepared for the constant life out loud moments you will have as this book is hilarious.


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