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The Walled Flower by Lorraine Bartlett Audio Review


If Katie Bonner's late husband hadn't invested all their savings in the crafts fair Artisans Alley, the Webster mansion could have been hers to remodel into a bed-and-breakfast. Instead that dream belongs to another young couple. But that dream becomes a nightmare when a skeleton is discovered sealed in the walls of the mansion. The bones belong to Helen Winston, who went missing twenty-two years ago. Heather's aunt, a jewelry vendor at Artisans Alley, asks Kate for help finding her niece's murderer. The case may be cold, but the killer is very much alive-and ready to go to any lengths to keep past secrets buried...

I am going to make my review a little different this time around as I really didn’t care for this book as much as I was expecting to. I thought it was just ok and I don’t know if maybe it was the narrator that didn’t work for me.I will get to the things I did like though and I am going to bullet point them below:

  • I liked the concept of this one with the main character Katie being the owner of Artisan’s Alley and the idea of having a area full of people that create crafts and sell things. It was a really cool idea.
  • I liked some of the side characters as they were a really eclectic bunch of ladies.
  • I liked the main mystery that was in this one but the whole concept of Katie being the one to try to solve it really felt odd to me.

I will now get to what didn’t work for me in this one and I will point out that just because I didn’t care for this one doesn’t mean you may not enjoy it. There are different things that work for different people.

  • The narrator didn’t work for me as she made all the characters sound alike to me. I found myself listening and getting to a point of not being able to tell who was who and what was going on.
  • I didn’t like Katie at all. She was a little bit of a spoiled brat and expected everything to go her way. She in short for a grown women was really unrealistic. I grew tired of her really quickly but I tried to get pass that.
  • The concept of this story was great but it didn’t work for me as once we find out who was behind it all it just seemed like a really stupid reason to murder someone. It felt like a big let down and not what I expected.

Overall this one didn’t work for me and maybe it was just the audio. I am not sure if I would have enjoyed better if it was read but something just didn’t click for me. I expected more because it sounded so fun and promising which is why I wanted to give it a try. I think I can cross this series off my list though because the main character Katie was enough to put me off from it. I would say to still try this one out for yourself though as you may enjoy it.


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