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The Accidental Dragon Audio Review

The Accidental Dragon Audio ReviewThe Accidental Dragon by Dakota Cassidy
Length: 8 hrs 13 min
Published by Tantor Audio on Feb 3, 2015
Genres: Family, Friendship, Girls & Women, Paranormal, Romance
Source: Publisher

Firefighter McAllister "Mick" Malone knows he has a protective streak, especially when it comes to his deceased best friend's sister, Tessa. But after twenty-five years of verbal sparring, Mick can't help but notice that their recent arguments have started to feel a lot like foreplay. And while Tessa knows exactly what to say to get him going, Mick is thrown for a loop when he actually starts breathing fire.

Antique-store owner Tessa Preston has loved Mick Malone since she was ten years old—not that she'd ever admit it. Fighting with Mick is the only thing keeping her from an embarrassing romantic confession. But when the sexy firefighter accidentally ingests some ancient dragon scales masquerading as powdered aspirin, Tessa finds herself handling something much hotter than long-simmering sexual tension.

This series has continued to be one that I can’t wait to it to listen to and enjoy so much. It has so much snark,wit,humor and fun rolled up into one. We get into this book by meeting Mick and Tessa and learning that they need the help of the OOPS girls after some interesting events take place. They quickly learn about the paranormal world that they knew nothing about and the budding relationship that they have been denying for far too long. I liked this  one because Tessa fit in so well with the girls as she had her own level of wit and she could hold her own against them. The ladies of OOPS are back and of course they brought the fun too. Mick gets a headache one day and Tessa tells him to take some aspirin but we soon learn he took something else and will soon never be the same. I have to say that you would think this far into the series the author would start to run out of ways to become accidentally paranormal but she continues to keep your guessing. She is so creative in the ways that these things happen that I can’t wait for the next book in the series to see what she will do next.

As the story continues we learn that Mick and Tess are not done with the surprises and there is a big one coming their way that will turn their world upside down. I loved that the ladies of OOPS were there to help them through it all especially my favorite girl Nina. She was back with all her snark and deep down sweet personality. She really comes off as a tough girl but she is such a softie. I think what worked for me about this one the most is that Mick and Tessa had such chemistry and they were really hot together even when they were fighting each other and denying their attraction. I loved seeing them learn more about each other and learn to work together towards their common goal of trying to get to the bottom of what they were becoming.


Overall this was another great audio listen and I think since I have only done this series on audio I couldn’t do this series any other way. I think the narrator is the only one that can bring the characters to life and she definitely does the girl’s voices so well. I couldn’t see anyone else trying to get their voices right. I can’t wait to see what the author will bring us in the next book as I know it will be as amazing as all the others in the series. I can’t wait for my next does of fun, humor and sexiness.


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