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Caught Dead Handed by Carol J Perry Audio Review


Most folks associate the city of Salem, Massachusetts, with witches, but for Lee Barrett, it's home. This October she's returned to her hometown—where her beloved Aunt Ibby still lives—to interview for a job as a reporter at WICH-TV. But the only opening is for a call-in psychic to host the late-night horror movies. It seems the previous host, Ariel Constellation, never saw her own murder coming.

Lee reluctantly takes the job, but when she starts seeing real events in the obsidian ball she's using as a prop, she wonders if she might really have psychic abilities. To make things even spookier, it's starting to look like Ariel may have been an actual practicing witch—especially when O'Ryan, the cat Lee and Aunt Ibby inherited from her, exhibits some strange powers of his own. With Halloween fast approaching, Lee must focus on unmasking a killer—or her career as a psychic may be very short lived.

Caught Dead Handed was a fun new start to a new mystery series. I liked it from the start once I new it was going to be about Lee Barrett and her taking a job to be a TV physic. We meet Lee in the town of Salem after she moves back home  to her hometown. Lee comes into town to interview for a news reporter job but ends up being the new call in physic. I think what I liked about Lee is that she was good at what she did but she also didn’t take herself to serious. She knew how to have fun but still be a professional when she needed to be. Lee happens to stumble upon a dead body and that is when the fun part of the book really takes off. I think another thing that drew me in was the narrator seemed to really voice Lee. She made her sound just like I would think her voice would be.

Lee soon learns that there is a murder to be solved and she quickly realizes that someone may now be out to get her. I loved seeing Lee adjust to life on the set of the TV show and in her new role. It was really interesting once she started actually seeing real events and decided to try to piece together the mystery. I have to say this book had a colorful cast of characters and they were all really unique to the story. I think this would be an enjoyable read for those looking for a neat little mystery series with a little bit of paranormal thrown in. I have to say the author wrote this one well as I did not see the killer coming in this one. I was completely floored with how that all went down. I can’t wait to get to the next one in this series also.


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