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Deadly Delicious Blog Tour

Welcome to my stop on the Deadly Delicious Tour. I have a review for the book for you to check out below.

Deadly DeliciousDeadly Delicious by K.L. Kincy


Genre: middle-grade, paranormal fantasy

Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press

Date of Release­­: August 10, 2015

Cover Artist: Ihor Reshetnikov

Find Online: Amazon UK | Goodreads




Twelve-year-old Josephine DeLune can’t take the heat this sweltering summer of 1955, and she was out of the kitchen long ago.


An awful cook, she ruins recipes left and right, and she certainly can’t compete with her family’s reputation for extraordinary food. Her daddy’s parents ran one of the best restaurants in all of Paris, but Josephine lives in Paris, Missouri. On her mama’s side, she’s up against a long tradition of sinfully delicious soul food. Rumor has it, her Creole ancestors cooked up some voodoo to make tasty even tastier. Josephine knows the secret ingredient: she comes from a long line of conjure witches with spellbinding culinary skills.


Disenchanted, Josephine works as a carhop at Carl and Earl’s Drive-In. Just plain old hamburgers, hot dogs, and curly fries, nothing magical about them. She’s got bigger fish to fry, though, when a grease fire erupts into a devilish creature who hisses her name with desire. Turns out he’s the Ravenous One, the granddaddy of all voodoo spirits, and he’s hungry for her soul. Josephine thinks he’s got the wrong girl-she’s no witch-but a gorgeous, dangerous night-skinned lady named Shaula sets her straight. Josephine is one of the most powerful witches alive, so overflowing with conjure that her out-of-control cooking simply catches fire.


Josephine would love to laugh this off, but Shaula warns her that she must learn to master her magic before the Ravenous One devours her soul. Spurred into action, Josephine breaks out her grandma’s old conjure cookbook and starts cooking. Nothing grand, just the usual recipes for undying friendship and revenge. But soon Josephine can’t escape the consequences of her conjure. When the people of Paris start turning into zombies with a strange fondness for cake, Josephine looks pretty responsible for their undead reawakening…


My Review

I have to say I was looking for a fun easy read and this book was perfect for that. I thought the concept was a fun one and who doesn’t like a book that is a little bit about a young girl finding herself with some magic mixed in. I started this one right out liking the town of Paris. It just felt like such a neat little town that would be full of everyone knowing each other and small town living in the 1950s. The main character Josephine was such a sweetie too. She was going through the typical life of a 12 year old and finding her place in the world. She goes through the typical phase of finding friends and learning more about what true friendship really is.

As the story continues we learn that Josephine comes from a line of conjure women and she is destined to do great things but that is if a demon that is after her doesn’t get her first. I liked the way we go about meeting Shaula and how she was connected to Josephine. I think what I really loved about the book is the way that over time Josephine starts to learn what she can do and how we learn so much about the conjure aspect. When you add in the cake eating zombies you get into even more fun. You will have to read the book to really learn about why they love cake so much but it was a neat concept though. Overall this was a cute middle grade book but one that everyone can enjoy. I am thinking about picking this one up for my middle schooler as I think she would find it fun.


About The Author:

KL Kincy

K. L. Kincy (Duvall, Washington) loves zombies, though she hopes to meet only the cake-eating kind. Deadly Delicious is her first book for children. She has a BA in Linguistics and Literature from The Evergreen State College.

K. L. Kincy also writes for teens and adults as Karen Kincy.

Find Karen Kincy Online:

Facebook | Goodreads

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