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Some Enchanted Eclair by Bailey Cates Audio Review


When Hollywood invades Savannah's historic district to film a Revolutionary War movie, magical baker Katie Lightfoot and her witches' coven, the Spellbook Club, take a break from casting spells for casting calls. One of the witches snags a part as an extra, while Katie's firefighter boyfriend, Declan, acts as on-set security. Katie and her Aunt Lucy decide to stay out of the action, but after the movie's "fixer" fires the caterer, the Honeybee Bakery comes to the rescue, working their magic to keep the hungry crew happy.

But when someone fixes the fixer—permanently—and a spooky psychic predicts Katie will find the killer, the charming baker and her fellow conjurers step in to sift through the suspects . . . before someone else winds up on the cutting room floor.

We are back into the world of Katie and her family and friends and I for one am glad to be back. We see Katie dealing with the fact that there is a movie being filmed in her town and she gets hired as the new on set caterer. Katie and her help are on the set one day when someone dies and from there Katie of course gets involved in solving the mystery after a physic states she is the one that will be able to solve the mystery.  Katie is going about trying to figure out what happened and soon learns that she may once again be in for more than she bargained for. I liked this one but I think I could have done without some of the changes in direction that I see this one going into. It isn’t as much of a cozy mystery and becoming more of a different type of read.


As the story continues Katie and Declan learn a huge revelation and that is what I think changed up the story for me and made it seem like the author was trying to make a way for it to make sense for Katie and Declan’s relationship. I did like that this book explains why Katie always seems to be drawn towards murders and things like that. The mystery in this one had a ton of twists and turns and I was surprised in the end who was behind it all. I think for once I didn’t figure out the killer early on like I normally do. This book also had all the normal things that we come to love from this series which is the glorious food. I think we had an abundance of recipes and I loved hearing about all of it. As I have said in my other reviews I love this series and I can’t wait to get to the next one.


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