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The Visitor by Amanda Stevens Audio Review


My name is Amelia Gray. I'm the Graveyard Queen.

Restoring lost and abandoned cemeteries is my profession, but I'm starting to believe that my true calling is deciphering the riddles of the dead. Legend has it that Kroll Cemetery is a puzzle no one has ever been able to solve. For over half a century, the answer has remained hidden within the strange headstone inscriptions and intricate engravings. Because uncovering the mystery of that tiny, remote graveyard may come at a terrible price.

Years after their mass death, Ezra Kroll's disciples lie unquiet, their tormented souls trapped within the walls of Kroll Cemetery, waiting to be released by someone strong and clever enough to solve the puzzle. For whatever reason, I'm being summoned to that graveyard by both the living and the dead. Every lead I follow, every clue I unravel brings me closer to an unlikely killer and to a destiny that will threaten my sanity and a future with my love, John Devlin.

I have loved this series from the start and was so happy to get back to it when I found out more books were coming out. We get back into this one with us meeting  Amelia and seeing her try to get used to her life and recover from everything that went down in the last book. Amelia and Delvin are also adjusting to life as a couple and all the baggage that came with it. I really love Amelia and and Delvin together but I have to say there were times in this one when I didn’t care for Delvin. I just couldn’t figure out with all that he has been through how he still refused to see what was in front of him.  Amelia this time is brought into a graveyard clean up that may change her life as she knows it.

As the story continues Amelia has a unwanted visitor in her house and trying to solve who that was opens her up to a new restoration project. I loved how as we continued with this one we started to see things interweave with each other and it all started to make sense. Amelia goes out to the Kroll Cemetary and this is when thing really pickup for her. We got so many revelations about Amelia and her past and how she became who she is. I loved that whole concept and learning more about her.  The mystery that came about in this one was really intriguing and when you find out who was behind it all you may be shocked. I didn’t see it coming and the way it ended I need the next book like now. I am so glad we don’t really have a long wait for it either.

Overall this was another great story and I love how this author does creepy so well. The narrator is amazing and I dont think I have ever listened to anything she narrates and not fully enjoy it. This book was creepy at times and yet so well written. Amelia really brings her full power in this one and we really get to see what all she can do. If you havent gotten into this series yet you are really missing out an need to play catchup.


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