Thursday, August 23, 2012

Geekomancy by Michael R. Underwood Review

Clerks meets Buffy the Vampire the Slayer in this original urban fantasy eBook about Geekomancers—humans that derive supernatural powers from pop culture. Ree Reyes’s life was easier when all she had to worry about was scraping together tips from her gig as a barista and comicshop slave to pursue her ambitions as a screenwriter.
When a scruffy-looking guy storms into the shop looking for a comic … Keep Reading »

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Integration Review

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Book: IntegrationAuthor: Imogen RosePublished: July 10,2012Pages:416Format: Print CopySeries: Book 2 in Bonfire Academy SeriesSource: ARC from AuthorMy Rating: 5 Stars
Goodreads Summary:

Second haiku warning:
A boyfriend missingA lover must pay in bloodA princess must die

Welcome back to Bonfire Academy.

My Review:

Imogen Rose has done it again. I have never been so engrossed in a series as I am when it comes … Keep Reading »

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Blood Debt Review

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Book: Blood DebtAuthor: Nancy StraightPublished: July 15,2012Pages: 304Format: E-BookISBN:9781476203416Series: Book 1 of Touched SeriesSource: Author for ReviewMy Rating: 5 Stars
Goodreads Summary:
Her whole life, it had just been the two of them. Before her mother’s last breath, she gave Camille the information she had craved her entire life: the identity of her father. Daring to contact him, Camille was welcomed by an … Keep Reading »

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Living Proof Review

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Book: Living ProofAuthor: Kira PeikoffPublished: February 28,2012Publisher: Tor BooksISBN:0765329301Pages:368Format: E-BookSource: Publisher via NetgalleyMy Rating: 4 Stars
Goodreads Summary:

In 2027, destroying an embryo is considered first-degree murder. Fertility clinics still exist, giving hope and new life to thousands of infertile families, but they have to pass rigorous inspections by the United States Department of Embryo Preservation. Fail an inspection, and … Keep Reading »

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Charade Review

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Book: Charade
Author: Cambria Hebert
Published: May 18,2012
Publisher:Otherworld Publication
Format: E-Book
Series: Book 2 in Heven and Hell Series
Source: Author via Goodreads PNR &UF Group
My Rating: 4 Stars

Goodreads Summary:

Dying at the hands of a psycho was a shock. Having my life returned to me by an angel was incredible. Being named a Supernatural Treasure and being given Sam as my guard was … Keep Reading »

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dark Kiss Review

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Book: Dark KissAuthor: Michelle RowenPublished: May 29th,2012Publisher: Harlequin TeenPages: 348Format:E- BookSeries: Book 1 in Nightwatchers SeriesISBN:0373210477 Source: Publisher via NetgalleyMy Rating: 4 Stars

Goodreads Blurb:

I don’t do dangerous.  Smart, über-careful, ordinary Samantha-that’s me. But I just couldn’t pass up a surprise kiss from my number-one unattainable crush. A kiss that did something to me…something strange. Now I feel hungry … Keep Reading »

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Obsidian Trailer

So for those of you that don’t know I am a huge Jennifer L Armentrout book lover. I am sharing the book trailer for Obsidian which is amazing. I loved everything about this trailer and am sharing it with you. If you haven’t seen it yet check it out below.

So who didn’t love that trailer. It has everything to love in it with the best … Keep Reading »

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Glimpse Review

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Book: The GlimpseAuthor: Claire MerlePublished: June 7,2012Publisher: Faber and Faber Children’sISBN:0571280536Pages:432Source: Publisher via NetgalleyMy Rating: 5 Stars
Goodreads Blurb:

In a near future, society is segregated according to whether people are genetically disposed to mental illness. 17-year-old Ana has been living the privileged life of a Pure due to an error in her DNA test. When the authorities find out, she faces banishment … Keep Reading »

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Guest Post by Author Suzzane Lily

Hi readers. I have a guest post for you today from author Suzzane Lily. Make sure you check it out below and some information about her and her books.
Guest Post

Where do your furry or feathered friends come from? As far back as I can remember, we’ve had rescues. My very first dog, Skippy, was a fox terrier we rescued from the pound. Since then, most … Keep Reading »

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Prophet Review

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Book: The Prophet
Author: Amanda Stevens
Published: April 24th,2012
Publisher:  Harlequin/ Mira Ink
Pages: 352
Series: Book Three in Graveyard Queen Series
Source: Publisher via Netgalley
My Rating: 4 Stars

About the Book:

My name is Amelia Gray.
I am the Graveyard Queen, a cemetery restorer who sees ghosts. My father passed down four rules to keep me safe and I’ve broken every last one. A door has opened and evil wants me … Keep Reading »